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The Ask Me WordPress Plugin allows your Blog users to ask you Questions. You can Answer and Publish them.

Download directly from WordPress:

Ask Me WordPress Plugin

If you provide an Email you will receive a message, once your Question is Answered.

how I can set the redirect after ask me push? 17. Oktober 2014

This is not possible but a good idea for an future update.

How to move the captcha to above the submit button? from brenda 17. Oktober 2014

This is not possible yet.

Wie kann man das Plugin auf Deutsch umstellen? 17. Oktober 2014

Die Sprache ist abhängig von der Blog-Sprache

How do I turn off tags for appearing? from Ben 17. Oktober 2014

Just do not use tags.

Looking for something simple but this may be too simple – can I moderate the question? 3. Oktober 2014

Yes, you have to moderate.

What would you like to see?

Ok, that answered that. How flexible is the answer space? Can I add images? Links? HTML? Is there a character limit? Thanx! 3. Oktober 2014

It is like a normal entry. So you can use what you wan’t.

Können auch Besucher der Seite das Plugin benutzen? (Sollte die Frage unten auftauchen hat es sich geklärt) :) 25. September 2014

Ja, nachdem sie geprüft wurden.

great plugin. very simple. thnks)) 19. September 2014

Thanks for the flowers :-D

hello, does it send email to admin as well? 19. September 2014

Yes, it does…

How do I get the advanced options button??? from darius henry 4. September 2014

Please go to Settings => Reading.

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