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The Ask Me WordPress Plugin allows your Blog users to ask you Questions. You can Answer and Publish them.

Download directly from WordPress:

Ask Me WordPress Plugin

If you provide an Email you will receive a message, once your Question is Answered.

great plugin. very simple. thnks)) 19. September 2014

Thanks for the flowers :-D

hello, does it send email to admin as well? 19. September 2014

Yes, it does…

How do I get the advanced options button??? from darius henry 4. September 2014

Please go to Settings => Reading.

Asking a question… from Peter 4. September 2014

… Answering a question.

Hey, grat plugin. But the Advanced options dont work, eaven though I’ve checked it in the settings>read :( 23. August 2014

Could you send me your sites URL?

Who won the world cup? 18. Juli 2014

Schlaaaaaaaannnndddd :-D

How do I add the “Advanced Options” to my plugin? from Aaron 7. Juli 2014

Just go to “Settings” => “Reading”. At the bottom you will find the ask me settings.

It would be great is a questions could be converted into a post, after moderation. Why? so that users could answer them through WP comments … with comment voting to bring the best answer to the top. Kust a thought… from Richard 4. Juli 2014

Sound interesting. I put it on the roadmap.

So, anyone can post a question? from Alvaro 4. Juli 2014

So it is :-D

Ich finde das Plugin Klasse allerdings wird mir im Backend die Captcha und E-Mail Benachrichtungsfunktion gar nicht angezeigt. Ich sehe die Funktionen in den PHP Dateien aber das wars leider auch. :( Würde die Funktionen jedoch gerne nutzen. Teilweise werden Texte im Frontend auch auf Englisch angezeigt, obwohl ich sie in der PHP Datei in Deutsch geändert habe. :/ from Naddy 4. Juli 2014

Hast du bezüglich Captcha und E-Mail unter “Einstellungen” => “Lesen” geschaut?

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