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The Ask Me WordPress Plugin allows your Blog users to ask you Questions. You can Answer and Publish them.

Download directly from WordPress:

Ask Me WordPress Plugin

If you provide an Email you will receive a message, once your Question is Answered.

How do I get the advanced options button? go to Settings => Reading. how to do it? where is? from mel 3. August 2015

The Settings of WordPress in your admins area. It is implemented there without an own area.

Can you change what role can moderate the questions? I have a role called Moderator, but it cannot access the dashboard to actually moderate. 11. Februar 2015

Not yet

Can the admin post his own questions and then answer them through the admin panel? 11. Februar 2015

Yes this is possible

Can the user reply again to my answer? 11. Februar 2015

No he can’t

I installed it – I love the simplicity of it. But why can’t I see who is asking the question in the admin section? I have run tests using a subscriber test account and the email or name of the person asking the question doesn’t show up – so the question is effectively anonymous. 11. Februar 2015

It is anonymous but if the user likes he can give you a username and his email address

Why does this not work on 4.0? After asking a question and answering it then publishing, it does not show up on the ask me page, and when you click to view post it says 404 Not Found. 11. Februar 2015

It should work for 4.0. Maybe it is you theme causing trouble?

hello. i made my own po/mo translate file, uploaded it and nothing happend. how can i turn it on? from Aleksandr 4. Dezember 2014

Please send me the .po file. I will integrate it in the next update.

In which folder did you upload the file?

Ist es kostenlos? 4. Dezember 2014

Klar 😀

is it possible for users to upload a pic? from farshad 4. Dezember 2014

yes, it is possible

Is it possible to change the language? I would like to have it say “spørg mig” (Danish for Ask me) from Nikolaj 4. Dezember 2014

If you blog is running on Danish language the best way would be to translate the .po file in the plugin and to send me you Danish translation (to ensure that it is in it on further updates).

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